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United States
Hey, I'm TheOriginalDragonX.

I'm a bit of a loner, but I'm a team player and some say I'm very friendly. I'm both a cartoonist, an image editor, and a story writer. I have no main fandom because I like alot of stuff, but the closest thing to that is Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple (HSDK).

Favourite genre of music: R&B, Jazz, Epic music, and Rock

Favourite characters: Optimus Prime (TF), Harold (TD), Sonic (STH), Goku (DB), Naruto (Naruto, obviously), and Kenichi (HSDK)

Personal Quote: History isn't written, It's made. - Myself
Hello again, everybody.

Today's blog will most be about my birthday week, and a few thoughts on subjects. In other words, it'll be the usual rambling. So let's begin.

Thanks to the rain, not much happened in my birthday beside me getting a birthday cake. However, My family and I did go see Transformers: Age of Extinction two days later. I have to say I loved this movie. I feel like this was the best out of the four with the first movie being second. Wait, I have to put up the spoiler zone before I go any further.

It had everything I ever wanted in a Transformer movie: 1.) Optimus Prime Character Arc, 2.) Likable characters (Wahlberg and Hound were my favorites besides Prime and Galvatron), 3.) a decent amount of focus for all characters not most of it on the humans, 4.) Awesome villains (Lockdown and Kelsy Grammar stole this movie), 5.) Cool down moments. (Yeah, it got very action heavy by the third act. I honestly didn't care), and 6.) robot battles (It's not Transformers without it). My only gripes were the Dinobots late entry, it had a few cheesy lines that I didn't care for, and the run time which is more of a nitpick because the movie still entertained me throughout most of it.
:iconspoilersplz:-------End of Spoiler-Zone--------:iconspoilersplz:

So yeah, I thought the movie was great. I'd see it again to if I had the money.

Also, I've been playing Digimon World DS and Dawn recently, and found both games to be surprising fun. I played Digimon World DS first to get used to playing a Digimon game again since the only other Digimon game that played and beat was Digimon World Data Squad. It was a long grind through the game, but once most of my main team became mega the game turn into a speed run especially when I got MegaGargomon who destroyed the final boss instantly. I would recommend playing Digimon World DS first for beginners. It take plently of work to get through, but becomes completely rewarding by the end.

As for Digimon World Dawn, I still going through this one, but this one definitely feels more streamline than its predecessor. You can also fine some pretty cool (and familiar) Digimon from the start which made picking a main team more easier than the last. Like Digimon DS, it takes plently of grinding and side missions to go through, but still as rewarding. I haven't beat the main story yet so will save my thoughts for Digimon Dawn and its sister game Dusk some time later. I do admit that these games have return my interest in Digimon as a whole. So, if they ever localize another Digimon game in the States, I would definitely give it a shot.

For people who wondering what happened to the HaroldxZoey Fanclub, I closed it and for two reason. One reason was it wasn't picking up steam, and I was the only member. The second reason was that I don't know how run a group. I do still ship the idea, but I won't be leading the club for it. Besides, I have more things to focus on like my book that I wouldn't have time for it.

Before I go here is some of my recent works:
Total Drama Screenshot Meme by TheOriginalDragonX Iron Cam Armor Designs and Concepts by TheOriginalDragonX CameronxGwen - Burning Passion by TheOriginalDragonX All 54 Total Drama Characters Meme by TheOriginalDragonX

I'm planning on posting more, but I'm still trying to balance everything in life as of now. So, still keep in eye out. But, until then peace. Peace
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  • Listening to: Best Part of the Day by Urban Mystic
  • Eating: Fish Sticks and Fries
  • Drinking: Water

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No problem.
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lordmep Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry to see you leave the group. Any reason why?
TheOriginalDragonX Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013   General Artist
I'm planning on rejoining the group soon. I'm taking some time off from it right now. I hope you understand.
lordmep Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not really. If you have to go away and won't have internet access, why not stay with the group and ignore updates until you get back.
TheOriginalDragonX Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013   General Artist
I’ll be honest. I still support the group's cause; however, I don’t want to be a full member anymore. I will definitely stay as a watcher if that’s okay.
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